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DC Power Connector Plug Tip - M6
DC Power Connector Plug Tip - M6

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DC Power Plug Tip

This DC Power Plug Tip's rear end is a female jack that can plug to a 4.00 x 1.70mm male connector, such as our Z4 & Z5 DC Power Cables, and the other end is a specially shaped male connector that can fit many Sony Ericsson's DC input power jacks.

Connector Plug Tip - M6

Partial Compatibility List:

C510, C702a, C702i, C902, C902i, C903, C905, D750i, F305, G700i, G705, G900i, J100a, J100c, J100i, J110a, J110c, J110i, J120c, J120i, J220a, J220c, J220i, J230c, J230i, K200a, K200c, K200i, K220c, K220i, K310a, K310c, K310i, K320i, K510a, K510c, K510i, K530i, K550c, K550i, K550im, K550IMi, K610i, K610im, K618i, K630i, K660i, K750c, K750i, K758c, K770i, K790a, K790c, K790i, K800i, K810i, K818c, K850i, K850i, K858i, M600i, M608c, P1i, P910, P910a, P910c, P910i, P990i, R300i, R306i, S500i, T270i, T280i, T650i, T658i, T700, V630i, V640i, W200a, W200c, W200i, W300c, W300i, W350a, W350i, W380a, W380i, W550c, W550i, W580i, W580i, W600, W600c, W600i, W610c, W610i, W660i, W700c, W700i, W705, W710c, W710i, W712a, W760, W760i, W800, W800c, W800i, W810c, W810i, W830c, W830i, W850i, W880i, W888c, W890i, W898c, W900c, W900i, W908c, W910i, W950c, W950i, W958c, W960i, W980i, W995, Z250i, Z258i, Z310a, Z310i, Z320i, Z520a, Z520c, Z520i, Z525a, Z525a, Z525i, Z530c, Z530i, Z550a, Z550a, Z550c, Z550i, Z555i, Z555i, Z558c, Z558i, Z610i, Z710c, Z710i, Z750a, Z750i, Z780a, G502, T303, W302, W395, W508, W595, W715, W902

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