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36V 11.6 Ah E-Bike High Power Lithium Ion Battery -BX3691B

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Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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Product Code: BAT-BX3691B

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Regular Bare Wires
with Anderson Power Pole Connectors [Add US$8.95]

36V High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery for electric bicycles

Note: This battery is for using with 500W or less power motors. If your e-bike motor needs more than 500W power, this battery may not work because it can not supply enough power.

  • High Capacity: 11.6Ah (418 Watt-hour)
  • Light Weight: weighs only ~5 pounds. (same capacity Lead-Acid battery would be around 30 pounds).
  • Small Size: 7" x 5" X 3.8", can fit in many different places.
  • Very Powerful: continuous output up to 400-500W, maximum burst output up to 500W.
  • High Quality: Made with high quality Panasonic Lithium Ion cells.
  • High Durability: Water-resistant and firm ABS plastic casing. The internal pack is stabilized by braces that can avoiding mechanical accidents caused by vibration.
  • High Safety: Built-in PCB protection to prevent short circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge.
  • This battery is for professional users with advanced electric knowledge only.

    1 4-Level LED indicator
    2 15A Fuse
    3 Power on/off
    4 Handlebar
    5 Battery contact socket
    6 Charging input jack
    Output Voltage: 30V ~ 42V, Nominal Voltage: 36V;
    Maximum Continuous Output Current: 15A (Maximum Continuous Output Power: 450W ~ 500W);
    Maximum Burst Output Power ( up to 10 minutes) Current: 18A

    Safety Features
    • Water-resistant and firm ABS plastic casing.
    • Built-in PCB protection.
    • Prevent short circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge.
    • The internal pack is stabilized by braces, thereby avoiding mechanical accidents caused by vibration.
    Model No.
    • BX3691B
    Cell Brand
    • Panasonic
    • Lithium-ion
    • Nominal Voltage: 36 V
    • Minimum Voltage: 30V
    • Maximum Voltage: 42.55V
    Capacity Rate
    • 36V 11.6Ah (or 418 Watt-hour)
    Charge Voltage Limit
    • 42.5V
    Max. Charge Current
    • 2.5 A
    Continuous Discharge Current
    • 15 A
    Burst Discharge Current
    (up to 10 minutes)
    • 18 A
    • 180.00 x 123.00 x 92.00 mm
    • ( or 7" x 5" X 3.8")
    • 2.33 kg ( or 5.1 pound)
    Operate Temp. Charge
    • 0~45 ℃
    Operate Temp. Discharge
    • -20~60 ℃
    Storage Temp.
    • -20~40 ℃
    Cycle Life
    • 500 Times
    PCB Safety Function
    • Cell balancing
    • Over-discharge
    • Over-current protection
    • Over-charge
    • Temperature protection
    • Secondary protection

    Benefits of Using Lithium-ion batteries:

    Using Lithium-ion battery offers many advantages over older SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery because of Lithium-ion battery's high energy density, small size, and low weight. A typical Lithium-ion battery may only has 1/4 of the weight and 1/2 of the size compared to same capacity traditional heavy bulky Sealed Lead Acid battery.

    Lithium-ion Battery Vs. Lead Acid Battery Comparisons

    Battery Type

    Lithium ion Battery

    Lead Acid Battery

    Voltage fluctuation in working

    Remains stable with different output

    Voltage fluctuation based on output

    Cycle life
    (Residual capacity over 5%)

    500 ~1000 cycles

    150~300 times


    Very stable and very little affection by output current

    Suffer a big affection in by output current. Capacity will be much smaller than rated capacity when output current is large.

    Depth Of Discharge (D.O.D.)



    Self discharge rate (per month)

    1~1.5% (Capacity remains over 80% even the battery is idled for one year)

    30% (Battery capacity drops near to zero if it is unused for 3 months)

    Fast charge capability

    Charge to full capacity in about 6 hours

    8 ~ 12 hours to fully charge the battery

    Discharge working temperature ℃



    Memory effective



    Thermal stability



    Weight (Compare to the same capacity)

    1/4 of the weight compared to lead acid battery

    comparatively heavier weight


    Any direction

    Upright position is necessary


    Built-in safety protection function

    Danger of acid leakage

    Environmental conform-ability

    Conforms to RoHs standard

    Violates RoHs standard;Lead and sulphate acid are pollutant

    Disposition of used battery

    Lithium-ion batteries are generally not considered an environmental hazard because they do not contain lithium metal. The United States government labels them as non-hazardous waste and does not oppose them being discarded together with the trash that makes up the local waste stream.

    Needs special recycling after treatment utility

    Package Contents:

    The battery comes with a AC charger and output box. The AC charger can charge the battery from any 100-240V AC power source.

    KF562 Holder & Output Box can be used as a battery holder. You can mount it on the frame vertically or horizontally. The battery then can slide on /off to the output box and locked into place with the key. It is designed for multi-direction installation. You can change the position of battery (vertically / horizontally) by adjusting the clamp.


    The Four-level LED indicates current power status.

    Battery can be recharged either by fastening on the bike or by itself with the provided AC adapter.

    The LED (at the power button controls on/off of the battery) glows when power is on.

    The key lock is used to fix the battery onto the holder.

    Battery can be installed easily. Simply slide the battery towards the holder by following the track

    The optional Output Box is designed for multi-direction installation. User can change the position of battery (vertically / horizontally) by adjusting the clamp.

    Optional Anderson Power Pole Output Connectors:
    The default output connections are two bare wires. We also offer optional Anderson Power Pole connectors as output. You can select this option and we will them for you.

    Customer Reviews:

    Excellent ebike battery
    By Clayon April 3, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    This is a very good product. It comes with a high quality charger, sturdy case, good mounting hardware, and excellent instructions. I installed it on my Prodeco Phantom 500W ebike and it took me over 15 miles under full throttle the first time I used it. My original Prodeco battery was not that good even though it was also rated at 11.6Ah. It's light and small enough that I mounted it on my downtube and does not interfere with the pedals or my legs. I have since put over 200 miles on my bike using this battery and it is performing well. I was leery of buying a battery this small at such a fair price and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and durability of this product. This company builds good reliable lithium batteries. Nice product. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a replacement battery or building a new ebike.

    Great for my e-trike
    By Alex Socialreject on October 12, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    Awesome battery. Its high quality and performance did not disappoint. I've been using this with the Bafang BBS02 500W electric motor kit, on my Sunseeker Eco Delta SX trike. I've had the trike and motor for a year now, and initially went with one of those no name batteries someone built and wrapped in plastic, that I found on that auction site. Big mistake. It didn't even last a year, and for the past couple of months I've had to pedal around with no motor. Finally I decided to give this battery a shot. Over the past two weeks I've gone 32 miles before getting its gauge down to red. I usually run my motor at assist level 4, which is about 40%, making the other reviewers' mileage of 15 seem about right since they're running full throttle. My trike is big and heavy as I carry around a big chain to lock it, and a motorcycle trunk to carry things in, and this battery can handle it. I can't believe I get so much power from this little battery taking up little space in my trunk. My old one was nearly twice the size, with a claimed capacity of 20Ah. Really wish I had gone with this in the first place.

    By Amazon customer on January 16, 2017
    Verified Purchase
    Battery works great so far....using with a 36v 500w front hub.
    Easy to hook up
    By Amazon Customer on July 7, 2016
    Verified Purchase
    Shipped on time. Easy to hook up. Good little battery for my e-trike. Around 15 miles per charge. All Items were in shipping.

    So far it is working well.
    By Bobbon August 6, 2017
    Verified Purchase
    Am using it on a bike with a 36v 500 watt rear hub motor. I like the compact size that fits well in a rear bike bag.

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