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9V & 12V Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack - PM66

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Please check alternative CP60 Battery

Please check alternative CP60 Battery.

  • It has 9V/12V selectable output voltage
  • It has 66WH capacity, 9V @ 7300mAh, 12V @ 5500mAh,
  • It has its own AC charger
  • It comes with 8 different DC connectors for different devices.

    How long can this external battery run ?

    This battery will run your player from 3~12 hours depending on the screen size and your brightness adjustments. This battery's capacity is 66Wh(Watt-hour),for your reference, here are some capacity comparisons:
  • One AA battery: 2.7Wh
  • Most Internal DVD Player Batteries: 20Wh ~ 40Wh
  • Asus 4400 mAh Eee PC battery: 33 Wh
  • This PM66 Battery: 66 Wh

    How this battery works:
  • 1. This battery has it own AC battery charger, you can charge it from any 110V or 220V AC power source with the included AC charger.
  • 2. This battery has a switch to set the voltage output at 9V or 12V. After the battery has been fully charged, set the voltage output of the battery close to your device DC power input requirement (which is same as your AC power adapter's DC output voltage).

  • 3. Select the right connector tip:

    Included with the battery pack are 8 plug tips that work with most portable DVD/TFT TV or other devices. With the plug tip not connected to the adapter cord, locate the correct tip by fitting the tip into the device DC Jack. The tip should fit snugly in the DC jack

  • 4. Make Sure the Polarity is Correct & Plug the Tip

    The default battery output cable and connectors are configured as positive polarity, which meet the needs of most of devices. Please make sure your device polarity is positive, if not, you can not use this battery.

    Positive polarity means inside the connector is positive, outside the connector is ground.

    It is CRITICAL that you determine the correct polarity needed for your device before using the battery. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN SEVERE DAMAGE TO YOUR PRODUCT!

    Our PM66 battery output has Positive Polarity.

    To determine the correct polarity for your device, inspect the DC adapter jack or the label of your product thoroughly for information about the products polarity. There will be a symbol with a plus sign on one side and a minus sign on the other with a circle between them. The circle will have an opening so that it looks like a "C". If the opening of the circle is on the side with the plus sign the polarity is positive. If the opening is on the side with minus sign the polarity is negative. If you cannot find a polarity sign on your product you need to call the product's manufacturer to find out what the polarity is.

    After you select the proper plug tip and make sure the polarity is right for your device, connect the plug tip to the battery cord.
  • 5. Connect the External Battery Pack to your device DC power input jack (which is the same jack your AC power adapter usually plugs into). Now you can power your device from this External Battery Pack .

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery Capacity: 66Wh
  • 9V/7300mAh; 12V/5500mAh
  • DC out: 9V/12V(selectable)
  • Battery gauge: Four Stage charge level
  • Max Current: 2.5A
  • Charge time: 3 hrs (3.5 hrs Maximum charge)
  • Charge Output Power: 16.8V 1500mA
  • Size/Weight: 6" x 3" x 0.85"/ 420g

    Package Contents:
  • External Battery
  • AC charger
  • 8 DC Connector Tips
  • Quick Guide Manual

    This Battery Works For most Panasonic, Samsung, Shinc and other brands portable DVD player, LCD TV, TFT Monitors and other devices, as long as the device requires a 9V or 12V DC power input and one of the 9 connector tips will fit the DC plug.

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