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150W 12V DC to 110V AC Pure Sine Wave Fanless Quiet Power Inverter
150W 12V DC to 110V AC  Pure Sine Wave Fanless Quiet Power Inverter

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This DC to AC power inverter can convert DC power from a car cigarette lighter socket or a 12V battery ( Voltage range can be 10V ~ 17V) into 110V 60Hz pure sine wave AC power, which is similar to the power supplied from your home electrical outlets. Its f anless design makes this inverter much more quiet than the other fan cooled inverters.

The inverter has two US style 3-hole AC sockets which accepts both 2-pin and 3-pin AC plugs. It also has a USB port that can provide 5V DC power up to a maximum current of 2 Amps.

The inverter's input side is a car cigarette light plug, which can directly plug into a car cigarette lighter socket.

It can accept 10V ~ 17V DC input, making it work for more batteries than most 12V inverters on the market. It works for traditional 12V batteries such as lead acid batteries /car batteries. It also works for lithium ion batteries with 10.8V/11.1V or 14.4V/14.8V nominal voltages.


  • Output Power: 150W
  • Output Power Surge: 300W
  • AC Output Voltage: 110V
  • AC Output Frequency: 60HZ
  • Regulation:: 6%
  • THD: 4%
  • Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
  • Efficiency: >80%
  • DC Input Voltage: 10V ~16.8V
  • Input No-Load Current: <0.6A
  • Battery Low Voltage Alarm: 10.5 0.5V
  • Battery Low Voltage Shutdown: 9.5 0.5V
  • Battery High Voltage Shutdown: 17.5 0.5V
  • AC Overload Shutdown: Yes
  • Thermal Shutdown: 60 5℃
  • Power Switch: AC Output ON/OFF Control
  • USB Output: DC5V/2A Max.
  • External DC Fuse(cigarette plug): 15A
  • External DC Wires: 14 AWG
  • Heat Dissipated: Fanless. Body disposal heat. No fan.
  • Dimensions: 184 x 109 x 60mm (7.4" x 4.4" x 2.4")
  • Net Weight: 0.7KG
  • Made in Taiwan

Compared to traditional inverters, which output modified sine waves, this inverter outputs AC power in pure sine waves, making it more similar to commercial power. Electronic appliances run cleaner, cooler, and quieter when running on pure sine power. As a result, pure sine inverters save energy costs and extend the life of appliances.

The pure sine inverter also reduces electronic interference, making it a better alternative for operating sensitive audio/video equipment and medical devices. Appliances with dimmers, speed controls, and certain battery chargers may require pure sine power to operate.

Important Note:
The power inverter itself does not generate any power. All its power output is from the battery it's connected to. The power inverter just changes the power format and its efficiency rate is about 85%. This power inverter's rated output is 150W. However, the actual power output from the inverter is also limited by the battery output. To get 150W power from this inverter, the connected battery output need to be around 175W. Most car cigarette lighters may only supply a maximum of 120W of power.

Inductive Loads, also called Lagging Loads or Inductive Load Banks or Inductive Reactive Loads or Power Factor Loads, are AC loads that are predominantly inductive in nature so that the alternating current lags behind the alternating voltage when the current flows into the load.

For example, Speakers present an inductive load that varies with frequency which can make it more difficult to deliver power than a purely resistive load (e.g., power delivery to a light bulb is easy because it does not store electrical energy and feed back that power).

If connecting with inductive loads (e.g. Compressor, Pump, old CRT TV, Refrigerator, Speakers, Ice conditioner, Air conditioner, Relays Fluorescent lamp, Vacuum cleaner), an inverter rate power should be 3-7 times higher than the load's rate power. For example, for a 150w refrigerator, you may need to choose a 500W ~1000w inverter ; for a 600w air conditioner, please choose 2000w inverter or higher.

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