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3V ~ 9V Universal Digital Camera AC Adapter

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Universal AC Adaptor - 3 Volt to 9 Volt with 9 Dedicated Camera Settings and 4 pin connectors

This Universal AC Power Supply is designed to provide a stable power supply to your digital camera. Featuring a lightweight and slim design, this AC power adapter is ideal for use with power strips and surge protectors. With the 6 ft connector cable, it can be conveniently used for indoor use. Delivering an output voltage of up to 9 volts, this universal power supply is compatible with select digital cameras.

How Does this AC to DC Power Adapter Work?

1. This AC to DC power adapter has a switch to adjust the output voltage.

Through the switch, the output voltage can be set as:
  • 3V
  • 3.4V
  • 4.5V
  • 5V
  • 6V
  • 6.5V
  • 7V
  • 8.4V
  • 9V

    2. This AC to DC power adapter has 5 different plugs which can be plugged to the output cord for different devices.

    If one of the output voltages matches with your device's DC input and one of the plugs fits your device, then this power adapter will work for your device.
  • The following is a partial list of compatible digital camera models.












    PowerShot A75

    PowerShot A10

    PowerShot A30

    PowerShot A400

    PowerShot A85

    PowerShot A100

    PowerShot A300

    PowerShot A50

    PowerShot A95

    PowerShot A20

    PowerShot A310

    PowerShot A510

    PowerShot S500

    PowerShot A200

    PowerShot A40

    PowerShot A520

    PowerShot A60

    PowerShot A80

    PowerShot S110

    PowerShot S230

    PowerShot A70

    PowerShot S100

    PowerShot S200

    PowerShot S300

    PowerShot S330

    PowerShot S400

    PowerShot S410


    GV 20

    QV 2000UX

    QV 2300UX

    QV 2800UX

    QV 2900

    QV 3000 PLUS

    QV 3000EX

    QV 3500

    QV 4000

    QV 5000SX

    QV 5500SX

    QV 5700

    QV 70

    QV 700

    QV 7000SX

    QV 770

    QV 780

    QV 8000SX


    PC 3000Z

    PC 3100Z

    PC 550

    PC 600

    PC 650

    PC 700

    PC 750Z

    PC 850Z


    FinePix 1300

    FinePix 6800

    FinePix A350

    FinePix F810

    FinePix 1400

    FinePix 6900

    FinePix E500

    FinePix M603

    FinePix 2300

    FinePix A101

    FinePix E510

    FinePix S1 PRO

    FinePix 2400

    FinePix A200

    FinePix E550

    FinePix S2 PRO

    FinePix 2600

    FinePix A201

    FinePix E900

    FinePix S20 PRO

    FinePix 2650Z

    FinePix A202

    FinePix F401

    FinePix S3 PRO

    FinePix 2800

    FinePix A203

    FinePix F402

    FinePix S5100

    FinePix 30i

    FinePix A205

    FinePix F410

    FinePix S5200

    FinePix 3800

    FinePix A210

    FinePix F440

    FinePix S5600

    FinePix 40i

    FinePix A303

    FinePix F450

    FinePix S602

    FinePix 4700

    FinePix A310

    FinePix F601

    FinePix S602Z PRO

    FinePix 4800

    FinePix A330

    FinePix F610

    FinePix S9000

    FinePix 4900

    FinePix A340

    FinePix F700

    FinePix S9500

    FinePix 50i

    FinePix A345

    FinePix F710

    MX 1200

    MX 1700

    MX 2700

    MX 2900

    MX 500

    MX 600

    MX 700


    C 200

    C 200xi

    PhotoSmart 120, 120xi

    PhotoSmart 215

    PhotoSmart 312 xi

    PhotoSmart 715

    PhotoSmart M407

    PhotoSmart R507

    PhotoSmart 315

    PhotoSmart 720 xi

    PhotoSmart R717

    PhotoSmart R607

    PhotoSmart 318

    PhotoSmart 812

    PhotoSmart R818

    PhotoSmart R707

    PhotoSmart 320 xi

    PhotoSmart 850 xi

    PhotoSmart M307

    PhotoSmart 620 xi

    PhotoSmart 612 xi

    PhotoSmart 945


    CX 4200

    CX 4310

    CX 7220

    CX 7430

    CX 4210

    CX 6200

    CX 7300

    CX 7525

    CX 4230

    CX 6230

    CX 7310

    CX 7530

    CX 4300

    CX 6330

    CX 7330

    DC 200

    DC 215

    DC 260

    DC 290

    DC 210

    DC 220

    DC 265

    DC 3200

    DC 210 PLUS

    DC 240

    DC 280

    DC 3400

    DC 4800

    DC 5000Z

    DX 4330

    DX 4530

    DX 6340

    DX 6440

    DX 6490

    DX 7440

    DX 7590

    DX 7630

    EasyShare One

    LS 420

    LS 443

    LS 633

    LS 743

    LS 753

    P 850

    P 880

    Z 700

    Z 740

    Z 730

    Z 7590

    Z 760


    Finecam S3

    Finecam S4


    DiMAGE 2300

    DiMAGE 7i

    DiMAGE EX1500

    DiMAGE Z1

    DiMAGE 2330Z

    DiMAGE A1

    DiMAGE S304

    DiMAGE Z10

    DiMAGE 5

    DiMAGE A2

    DiMAGE S404

    DiMAGE Z2

    DiMAGE 7

    DiMAGE E201

    DiMAGE S414

    DiMAGE Z3

    DiMAGE 7Hi

    DiMAGE E203

    DiMAGE Xt

    Maxxum 5D

    Maxxum 7D


    CoolPix 100

    CoolPix 3700

    CoolPix 600

    CoolPix 880

    CoolPix 2000

    CoolPix 4300

    CoolPix 700

    CoolPix 885

    CoolPix 2100

    CoolPix 4500

    CoolPix 750

    CoolPix 900

    CoolPix 300

    CoolPix 500

    CoolPix 775

    CoolPix 950

    CoolPix 3100

    CoolPix 5400

    CoolPix 800

    CoolPix 990

    CoolPix SQ

    CoolPix 5700

    CoolPix 8700

    CoolPix 995


    BRIO D100

    BRIO D 150

    BRIO D 230

    C 2000

    C 2020

    C 2030

    C 2040

    C 2100UZ

    C 211Z

    C 2500L

    C 3000Z

    C 3020Z

    C 3030Z

    C 3040Z

    C 320L

    C 4000


    C50 Zoom

    C 5000Z

    C 5050 Z

    C 5060WZ

    C 5500

    C 700Z

    C 700UZ

    C 7070

    C 720UZ

    C 725UZ

    C 730UZ

    C 740UZ

    C 750UZ

    C 760UZ

    C 765UZ

    C 770UZ

    C 8080WZ

    D 200L

    D 395

    D 500L

    D 575Z

    D 220Z

    D 400Z

    D 510

    D 580

    D 320Z

    D 40E

    D 520E

    D 590

    D 340L

    D 410

    D 535

    D 595

    D 340R

    D 425

    D 540

    D 600L

    D 360L

    D 435

    D 545

    D 620L

    D 370

    D 450Z

    D 550Z

    D 630

    D 380

    D 460Z

    D 560Z

    E 10

    D 390

    D 490Z

    D 565Z

    E 20N

    Stylus 300

    Stylus 400

    Stylus 500

    Stylus 800


    Lumix DMC F7

    Lumix DMC FZ1

    Lumix DMC FZ20

    Lumix DMC FZ30

    Lumix DMC LC40

    Lumix DMC LC5


    *ist D

    *ist DL

    *ist DS

    Optio 330

    Optio 330RS

    Optio 430

    Optio 430RS

    Optio MX-4


    Caplio RR1

    RDC 4200

    RDC 4300

    RDC 5000

    RDC 5300

    RDC 2

    RDC 2E

    RDC 300

    RDC 300Z

    RDC 7

    RDC i500

    RDC i700


    P 10

    P 100












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