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12V Chargers for 10.8V / 11.1V Lithium Batteries

12.6V Battery Chargers for Lithium ion batteries that 3 cells connected in serial, with 10.8V or 11.1V nominal voltage, maximum voltage 12.6V.

When select battery charger, please also make sure the charger maximum output current is within your battery charging current limitation. If you do not have specifications for your battery charger limitation, it is recommended to choose a charger that its maximum output current is 1/3 or less of battery maximum Ah capacity. For example, for a 10.8V 9 Ah lithium ion battery, it is recommend to choose a 12.6V charger with maximum output current 3 Amps or less. Using smaller charging current to charge a lithium ion battery will take longer charging time, but it will be better for battery.

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